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The Releasit Story

We Use Releasit Products

How did Releasit begin? What impact has Releasit had on the carpet cleaning industry? How can Releasit help you achieve consistent encap results? Learn about Releasit’s unique encapsulation carpet cleaning technology in this video.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About The Cimex

How To Get The Best Results With Your Cimex

If you’ve ever wondered what’s the best way to clean commercial carpet with a Cimex, this blog post and video should be able to give you some help. If you’re just starting out, or would like to get your encap dialed in, this article and video is for you.

The Cimex / Releasit system is unmatched for commercial carpet cleaning

The Cimex / Releasit system has proven to be extremely popular for commercial carpet cleaning. At Excellent Supply we’ve sold thousands of Cimex machines and we always hear raving comments about… Continue reading

Encap and The Environment

Six Ways Encapsulation Helps the Environment

1. Less Water Consumption Encapsulation uses less water. Typically, each gallon of water will clean about 300 square feet of carpet. So we are taking less fresh clean drinking water from our environment.   2. Lower Moisture in the Building There’s also less moisture being introduced to the building, and the carpet normally dries in an hour or two. Lowering the moisture threshold in commercial buildings is advantageous to the heath of the indoor environment.   3. No Wastewater Wastewater from carpet cleaning includes contaminants that were removed from the carpet as well as… Continue reading

Cimex VS. Vibe

We Use The Cimex System

We sometimes get questions from customers asking how the Cimex compares to the Vibe. There is some crossover between the 2 machines. Both machines are excellent. And they also have some unique differences. Of course a lot of the decision on which machine to buy comes down to what types of applications a person would like to use the machine for. At any rate, we thought a short video might help to clarify a few of the key differences between the Cimex and the Vibe. 

Where Does The Dirt Go?

Where does the dirt go? Have you ever wondered that about encap cleaning? Have you ever been asked and felt you didn’t have an answer that makes sense. This short video explains the encap process. It explains where the dirt goes, how the carpet looks good – even before post-vacuuming has been performed, and how the soil gets recovered from the carpet. 

Encap-Punch – CRI Approved 3-in-1 Encap

Releasit Encap-Punch

Sometimes people wonder where and when to use Encap-Punch. Encap-Punch is our CRI approved Encap Pre-Spray. And since it’s a true encap detergent, built around an encap polymer, it crystallizes beautifully. In addition to using Encap-Punch as a traffic lane  pre-spray, it can be also used be used as an encap HWE rinse detergent, and as an encap bonnet/pad cleaner. This short video explains how it works.