Candle Wax Spills

Many people love to burn candles in the home. They make the home smell good and give a warm inviting atmosphere, but when a hot candle gets knocked over that wax makes for a very tricky spot to clean. First of all, if the spot is fresh, blot up as much of the wax as you can. If it’s an older spot, scrape off as much as you can without doing any damage to the fibers of your carpet. Next, grab your iron and some clean, absorbent towels. WARNING: Your carpet fibers can melt or burn so be careful – do NOT set the hot part of the iron directly on your carpet. Now keep the iron on the lowest possible setting to melt the wax.

Always keep a dry towel between the iron and your carpet. Keep repositioning the towel to a clean spot to keep that wax transferring from the carpet to the towel. If there is still color on the carpet from the wax – you are probably going to need to call me out. I don’t recommend homeowners put solvents on the carpet, please leave that to your carpet pro. I’ve seen too many people destroy the backing of their carpet with solvents.